Download Application - Click Here ARI Certified Rating Program For Fluid, Steam and Refrigerant Coils. This very user friendly program is downloadable with the following link, and precisely calculates leaving conditions for new construction projects and replacement/retrofit change outs.
  Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP with the latest Windows Updates.
Download link: [CLICK HERE] - 35.8MB download
1. Save file to your hardrive first
2. then, click on 'DHTCoilSelection' icon to install application
Coil Selection and Rating Software
Sample Output
Getting Started after Installation on Desktop.
This easy to use Windows XP based Coil Selection and Rating Software builds on the strengths of previous versions, but includes an entirely new calculation engine, psychometric chart output option and a modified interface.

First, you will notice after running a coil selection, the appearance of a "Circuit Grid" listing all available circuit options. As a user, you instantly have available circuiting information present on one screen.

"Circuit Grid" listing all available circuit options